CODETRU is a leading IT services provider renowned for delivering innovative application development and robust security testing solutions. In this case study, we highlight our collaboration with LearningMate, an eLearning firm. The client was implementing products for their end customers and required thorough security testing of two existing applications: the “Question Authoring” application for teachers and the “Assessments” application for both teachers and learners. CODETRU was engaged to conduct comprehensive security testing, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and safeguarding their applications from potential cyber threats.


Problem Statement

The client faced a critical need to address security concerns in their two existing applications:

Questions Authoring Application Security

The application, designed for teachers to create and manage quizzes and questions, contained sensitive educational content and user data. The client required a robust security testing strategy to protect this data from unauthorized access or leakage.

Assessments Application Security

The assessments application, used by both teachers and learners, stored personal information and performance data. The client sought to ensure that the application was resilient against potential attacks and data breaches.



CODETRU devised a comprehensive solution to address the security concerns in the client’s applications :

Security Testing Assessment

Our security experts performed a detailed assessment of both applications, analyzing their security architecture, authentication mechanisms, data encryption, and access controls.

Threat Modeling and Vulnerability Scanning

CODETRU conducted threat modeling exercises to identify potential attack vectors. Additionally, automated vulnerability scanners were employed to pinpoint common vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and insecure direct object references.

Penetration Testing

We executed penetration tests to simulate real-world cyber-attacks and uncover any weaknesses in the application’s defenses. This proactive approach allowed us to identify critical vulnerabilities before they could be exploited by malicious actors.


During the security testing engagement, we encountered several challenges:

Load Balancing Environment

The applications were hosted on a load-balanced environment, which required careful consideration to ensure thorough security testing across all servers and instances.

AWS and VPC Complexity

The applications were hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) within a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), demanding specialized knowledge to effectively test the security of the cloud-based infrastructure.

SSL Enabling

The SSL encryption added complexity to the testing process, necessitating meticulous verification of secure communication channels.


Key Results

CODETRU’s security testing efforts yielded tangible results, bolstering the client’s application security:

Vulnerability Remediation

Through our security testing, we identified and assisted in fixing 95% of critical and high-severity vulnerabilities, reducing the attack surface significantly.

Security Compliance

The applications achieved compliance with industry standards and best practices, providing assurance to end customers regarding data protection and privacy.



The comprehensive security testing engagement had a profound impact on the client’s application security and business outcomes:

Improved Security Posture

By addressing critical vulnerabilities, the client’s applications became more resilient against potential cyber threats, reducing the likelihood of data breaches and unauthorized access.

Customer Trust and Confidence

With enhanced security measures in place, the client’s end customers gained increased confidence in the safety and integrity of the applications, leading to improved customer trust and loyalty.

Cost Savings

By proactively identifying and resolving vulnerabilities, the client avoided potential security incidents that could have resulted in financial losses and reputational damage.

Technology Stack

CODETRU leveraged a range of cutting-edge technologies and tools for security testing:

Security Testing Tools : Burp Suite, OWASP ZAP, Acunetix, Nessus

Infrastructure and Cloud : Amazon Web Services (AWS), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Testing Environment : Load-balanced servers with SSL encryption

CODETRU’s collaboration with the education client exemplifies our commitment to delivering comprehensive security testing solutions for critical applications. By conducting thorough security assessments, vulnerability scans, and penetration testing, we enabled the client to fortify their applications against potential cyber threats. The results of our security testing efforts not only enhanced the overall security posture of the applications but also instilled confidence and trust in their end customers. CODETRU remains dedicated to providing exceptional application development and security testing services to empower organizations with secure and reliable software solutions.