Problem Statement

Our client faced difficulty in tracking the usage of their learning resources stored on their AWS S3 account. With the implementation of ‘Access logs’ on S3, it generated log files with URLs being accessed for each learning resource. However, with the large number of access logs generated every hour per day, it became challenging to track and analyze the logs.



Our company provided a two-phase solution to the client's problem.

  • The first phase included two components, i.e., extracting data from S3 and creating a web portal to show the extracted data in an easily consumable manner.
  • The second phase focused on displaying insights for certain learning materials on the dashboard.
  • Contract Services
  • Installations

In the first phase,

  • We extracted data from S3 to Logstash, where Logstash parsed the data and stored it in Elasticsearch and NoSQL databases.
  • From there, the data was displayed on the web portal, which showed reports and visualizations as per the client's needs.
  • The web portal helped the client track their learning resources' usage, manage existing learning resources and make informed decisions on creating new ones or repurposing existing ones.

In the second phase,

  • We integrated Bitly analytics with the dashboard to show detailed reports on
    • Total played video hours
    • Most played videos
    • Lowest played videos.
  • We also developed the insight dashboard for interactivities [quiz materials] for students based on their curriculum. This helped the client get more insights into the performance of these interactivities.


Implementing two-phased solution helped the client track their learning resources' usage efficiently. The client could easily take the status of existing learning resources and manage them as needed. With the web portal and dashboard, the client could easily see which learning resources were the most popular among students and which ones needed improvement.


Technology Stack

Front End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React

Back End:PHP


Database:My SQL

Tools:File beat (Open Source), Logstash (Open Source)