Our client, who is a leading global integrated power transmission developer and solutions provider.



We created a customized mobile application and a web portal where vendors would find all the required forms like the Pre-requisite form, Excavation form, etc. Using the mobile app, vendors would facilitate the invoice submission along with all supporting documents. They would easily submit their invoice and related documents, and look at their document statuses. Further, while processing the invoice, they can reply to any queries or raise clarification using the mobile app.

As most field workers work in remote areas, they have poor network connectivity. So, to address this issue, we implemented the offline functionality in the mobile application, using which field workers were able to record the details without an internet network. And their data is stored in the local database which is embedded in the mobile app. Whenever field workers come in the vicinity of a good network, they sync the data to the master database.



For the construction of a transmission tower, earlier, all data was maintained manually in excel sheets. Thus, there were too many human errors, and because of this, the turn-around time for the approval of documents was quite long. It was also relatively an unorganized process where invoice documents and all the supporting documents related to it were sent via an email channel or courier.

So, to overcome this challenge, the client wanted to create a platform where all the required data (relevant master data, work packages, and master hierarchies) could be found, and would easily be accessible to the respective person.



The application helped the client know the status of the work and real-time updates and initiated communication if needed. Further, it eased the process of approvals and shortened the turnaround time.