CODETRU is a leading DevOps consultancy known for its expertise in providing end-to-end solutions to businesses seeking to optimize their software development and deployment processes. In this case study, we explore how CODETRU assisted a healthcare company to enhance its IT operations through comprehensive DevOps services, focusing on infrastructure management, CI/CD pipeline setup, release and configuration management, monitoring and logging, security management, performance optimization, DevOps consulting, disaster recovery planning, and database snapshot recovery.


Problem Statement

Our client, a prominent healthcare business, faced several challenges in their existing IT infrastructure and development practices. They struggled with manual infrastructure management, slow and error-prone deployments, inconsistent configurations, inadequate monitoring, and concerns related to security vulnerabilities and disaster recovery. The lack of a robust DevOps strategy hampered their ability to scale, innovate, and respond quickly to market demands.



CODETRU proposed a holistic DevOps strategy to address the client's challenges and achieve their business objectives.

Infrastructure Management (Cloud-Azure)

Migrating to Microsoft Azure allowed the client to leverage cloud-based services, ensuring better scalability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of management.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) Pipeline Setup - GitHub Actions

CODETRU established an automated CI/CD pipeline using GitHub Actions, enabling faster and error-free deployments. The pipeline automated the build, testing, and deployment processes.

Release & Configuration Management

Implementing configuration management tools like Ansible and Git ensured consistency across environments and streamlined the release process.

Monitoring and Logging (Grafana Stack)

CODETRU integrated Grafana with the client's systems, providing real-time insights into performance metrics and centralized logging for efficient debugging.

Security Management (VAPT, Firewalls, ISO Compliance, Azure Security)

Conducting Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT), implementing firewalls, and adhering to ISO compliance standards safeguarded the healthcare company's data and systems.

Performance Optimization - (Database Indexing, Memory, and Compute Utilization)

CODETRU optimized the database performance by fine-tuning indexing strategies and effectively utilizing memory and compute resources.

DevOps Consulting - Best Practices and Deployment Architecture

CODETRU provided extensive consulting, guiding the client's team on DevOps best practices, and devising a robust deployment architecture that aligns with their business needs.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

CODETRU devised a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, including backup strategies and data replication, ensuring high availability and business continuity.



Outdated Infrastructure Management

The healthcare company relied on traditional on-premises infrastructure, resulting in high maintenance costs and limited scalability.

Inefficient Deployment Process

Manual deployment processes caused delays, increased human errors, and impeded the team's agility.

Configuration Inconsistency

The lack of standardization in configurations led to discrepancies between development, testing, and production environments.

Inadequate Monitoring and Logging

Limited visibility into system performance and application logs hindered effective troubleshooting and performance optimization.

Security Vulnerabilities

With sensitive patient data at stake, the client required robust security measures to protect against potential threats and maintain ISO compliance.

Suboptimal Performance

The healthcare company struggled with slow database queries and underutilized hardware resources.

Lack of DevOps Expertise

The client's team lacked the necessary expertise in implementing DevOps best practices and deployment architectures.

Disaster Recovery and Database Snapshot Recovery

There was a lack of a well-defined disaster recovery plan and a mechanism for efficient database snapshot recovery.


Key Results

The implementation of CODETRU's DevOps services resulted in significant improvements for the healthcare business

Deployment Frequency

Deployment frequency increased by 89% due to the automated CI/CD pipeline, allowing faster feature releases and bug fixes.

Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR)

MTTR reduced by 73% with streamlined monitoring and logging, enabling swift issue identification and resolution.

Security Enhancements

Security measures implemented by CODETRU led to a 91% reduction in security-related incidents and ensured ISO compliance.

Scalability and Cost Savings

Migration to Azure allowed the client to scale resources on-demand, reducing infrastructure costs by 37%.

Application Performance

Database optimizations and efficient resource utilization led to a 46% improvement in application performance and response times.



The healthcare business experienced a transformative shift in its IT operations and development practices. With CODETRU's DevOps services, the client achieved:

Business Growth

The improved deployment frequency and application performance allowed the healthcare company to stay competitive and capture new market opportunities.

Enhanced Patient Care

Streamlined IT operations and secure systems ensured uninterrupted access to patient data, leading to enhanced patient care and satisfaction.

Cost Optimization

Reduced infrastructure costs and efficient resource utilization contributed to higher ROI and improved financial stability.

Agility and Innovation

With DevOps best practices in place, the client's team became more agile and focused on innovation, bringing new features to the market faster.

Technology Stack

  • Cloud Platform : Microsoft Azure
  • CI/CD : GitHub Actions
  • Configuration Management : Ansible, Git
  • Monitoring and Logging : Grafana Stack
  • Security Management : Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT), Firewalls, ISO Compliance, Azure Security
  • Performance Optimization : Database Indexing, Memory and Compute Utilization
  • DevOps Consulting :Best Practices and Deployment Architecture
  • MDisaster Recovery and Business Continuity : Backup Strategies, Data Replication
  • Database Snapshot Recovery : Automated Snapshot Recovery Mechanism

By leveraging CODETRU's expertise and implementing a comprehensive DevOps strategy, the healthcare business successfully transformed its IT landscape, resulting in improved efficiency, security, and business outcomes.