Our client is a big name in the insurance sector with 263 branches across India.



Based on our interaction with the client, we created a simple multi-page structure that included:

  • A quote page where the primary insured details will be taken and provided with the premium details.
  • A proposal page where the address, family details of the primary insured, and nominee details will be taken.
  • A review page where all the details filled can be checked.
  • Payment gateway integration to pay the premium online.
  • Business Process Management (BPM) integration to generate the policy if the payment is successful. In some cases, we created the policies and mailed the customers.

This process eased the experience of our customers while booking the policies. It reduced turnaround time drastically and also reduced the efforts of operations teams who used to process the policies manually.



Our client was looking to build a microsite under a bancassurance model where they wanted to provide their customers with a seamless experience of booking a policy.



The solution was an instant success for our client. Looking at the policy booking rate, our client gave us around 50 other microsites for development in different domains like Health, Motor, Business, Home, etc.