Problem Statement

Our client is in the healthcare business and is in the phase of using digital transformation to help patients receive the best treatments. The group is actively transforming healthcare across the globe with user- centric processes and technology.



We brainstormed with the clients to get a detailed outlook on the users, administrators, technical abilities, touchpoints, geography, etc. After carefully analyzing the client’s needs we suggested 5 modules to help achieve the expected goal.



The client wanted us to come up with a comprehensive solution that needed working with the latest tech stack and design a user-friendly platform. Our client was very clear in their ask - Give us a solution that brings patients, doctors, dieticians, pharmacists, and health & fitness trainers on one platform.



These modules were strategically suggested so that when a patient is onboarded using this platform there’s transparency, connectivity, and uniformity between all the help and support within the client’s healthcare ecosystem. Modules were specifically designed so that the journey for a patient from the first touchpoint to getting fully recovered is seamless. The modules that are used in this project are : Doctor Consultation, Health & Fitness Trainer Consultation, Pharmacy Module, Diagnostics Module and Dietician Module.



We developed web and mobile applications for each individual module using the different tech stack and enabled our client’s users with a very user-friendly and easy navigable application to get through with healthcare. This not only saved time but also a lot of valuable resources and money for our client and patients alike.


Technology Stack

Our solution leveraged a robust technology stack, including:

Front End - React.js, Material UI

Back End - Node.js

Framework - Express.js

Database – Mongo DB with Mongoose,

Mobile - Flutter