Problem Statement

Our client has unique business operations and is simplifying global trade with the help of advanced logistics solutions. The client has collaborations with several Air, Ocean, and Road transport companies from across the globe. An enabler of efficient logistics, our client is a renowned name in the global trade for simplifying resource, cost, and time utilization when transporting goods or services.



First and foremost, we delved deep into the current challenges being faced within the package delivery system. Our tech teams collaborated with the client and understood the product, the solution, and the challenges being faced. Then we suggested using Flutter (an open-source UI software development kit that is developed by Google) and Dart (programming language designed for client program development) to develop the mobile application.



The client has an established network of users connected to the system 24/7. The idea of adding efficiency in the logistic industry with the use of digital transformation seemed to have caught the attention of several companies from across the globe. However, now there were more seamless operations needed within the organization, businesses, and users from across the globe. The requirement was to develop a mobile app for their Package Delivery System.



Now the client is able to experience a seamless integration between the employees, products being packed and shipped, inventory, users, and efficient management. An effective application customized according to the industry and client’s unique needs has not only helped to enhance the operations, but it has also resulted in saving time, resources, and cost to the company.


Technology Stack

Our solution leveraged a robust technology stack, including:

Mobile - Flutter

Frontend - Dart