Our company was approached by a client, a leader in offering intelligent home décor solutions, to help their internal and external users generate quotations for their innovative faucet components. They wanted the application to be user-friendly, with several modules such as

  • A dedicated page for all quotes
  • An interface to build standard and Templated Product Quotes
  • A page to see a list of products and their alternatives from competitors
  • Feature to add selected products to cart
  • Feature to download quotes in PDF format
  • Ability to share generated quotes through different mediums such as email, chat, etc.

One of the challenges we faced was creating a user-friendly interface that would allow internal users to generate quotations for the faucet components quickly. We also had to build the application that would allow users to download the quotations in the PDF format and share them through multiple mediums such as email, chat, etc.



To address the challenges, we built an easy-to-use mobile application with several modules allowing users to generate quotations quickly. The users could view and manage their saved quotations, generate templated or standard quotations, add or remove products in the cart, and save or share them. We also built the Competitor portal within the application with limited access to help users analyze the products competitively. The users were shown a list of competitor products matched with products added to the cart to offer the best quote possible. The last part was to build the Download feature to allow users to save the quotations in PDF format. Once downloaded, they could also share the



The mobile application we built was a success.

It allowed the client's users to generate quotations quickly and easily.

The application's user-friendly interface made it easy for users to navigate the various modules and generate quotations.

The ability to download the quotations in PDF format made it easy for users to share and save quotation.

The insights into competitor product prices and other information helped the users to build the best quotations possible.

Technology Stack

Mobile Application Development: Flutter

Web: React

Backend: Core Java

Platform: APIGEE

Database: SAP HANA